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Intel Ignite VP & GM, Tzahi Weisfeld

Tzahi “Zack” Weisfeld

VP & GM, Intel Ignite

Zack has been leading accelerator programs for two decades and, as a serial entrepreneur, understands the development cycles of startups better than almost anyone. As the driving force behind Intel Ignite, Zack is known for his peerless advice and wisdom. Based on the successful launch of the Tel Aviv program, he was tasked with expanding Intel Ignite globally. His motto, Operate Fearlessly, is evidenced in his unwavering dedication to building a worldwide ecosystem that helps support and sustain emerging deep tech companies.

Ranny Nachmias

Managing Director, Intel Ignite TLV

Ranny was named managing director of Intel Ignite Tel Aviv after mentoring the first two cohorts through the program in 2019. With more than twenty years of entrepreneurial experience, he brings a deep understanding of global operations, VC funding, and the region’s booming startup sector. For Ranny, the thrill of leading Intel Ignite Tel Aviv is giving each cohort the opportunity to thrive by deploying a highly tailored curriculum and access to the vast resources of Intel amidst Israel’s vibrant tech community.

our team

Yuval Avnon

Global CTO, Intel Ignite

Sarit Rosenthal-Aviram

Global Marketing Director, Intel Ignite

Roni Shoham

Business & Operations Manager, Intel Ignite TLV

Intel Ignite Team Member - Ofer Lior

Ofer Lior

Director of Portfolio Development, Intel Ignite TLV

Maya Zimerman

Maya Zimerman

Deal Flow and Portfolio Manager, Intel Ignite TLV

Intel Ignite Team Member - Alois Eder

Alois Eder

CTO, Intel Ignite Europe

Kate Hach

Program Manager, Intel Ignite Europe


Intel Ignite - Tel Aviv

tel aviv

est. 2019

Located in the center of the business district, our Tel Aviv offices are perfectly situated for teams to take full advantage of the city’s booming tech scene, international business opportunities, and vibrant nightlife.
Intel Ignite - Munich


est. 2020

Quickly becoming an epicenter of deep-tech innovation, Munich is home to our second Ignite office. Centrally located in Altstadt, teams have easy access to the city’s  dynamic startup community and prestigious research universities.

Intel Ignite - Boston


EST. 2022

Home to world-class universities, a large deep-tech talent pool, and some of the most innovative companies in the world, Boston is the ideal location for Intel Ignite’s newest office. Stay tuned for more information.
Intel Ignite - London


launching 2022

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