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Intel Ignite is an internationally renowned acceleration program for early-stage deep tech startups. Launched in 2019 by Intel, our mission is to fuel a global ecosystem of deep tech innovation by empowering our diverse network of founders, mentors, domain experts, and investors to co-create enduring, industry-defining technology companies.

Co-Creating the Future of Deep Tech

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Autonomous Technologies and Robotics
  • Software Development and DevOps
  • Hardware and Manufacturing
  • Security and Privacy
  • Data, Cloud, and Edge
  • Next-Generation Computing
  • Web 3.0 Infrastructure
Tzahi "Zack" Weisfeld VP & GM
Intel Ignite
Alon Leibovich Managing Director
Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv
Markus Bohl, Managing Director, Intel Ignite Europe
Markus Bohl Managing Director
Intel Ignite Europe
Mark Castleman, Managing Director, Intel Ignite Boston
Mark Castleman Managing Director
Intel Ignite US
An individual featured on Intel Ignite.
Ofer Shayo Managing Director
Intel Ignite London
Yuval Avnon, Global CTO, Intel Ignite
Yuval Avnon Global CTO
Intel Ignite
Sarit Rosenthal-Aviram Global Marketing Director, Intel Ignite
Sarit Rosenthal-Aviram Global Marketing Director
Intel Ignite
Ariela Dreyfuss, Chief of Staff, Intel Ignite
Ariela Dreyfuss Chief of Staff
Intel Ignite
Adi Giambasho, Executive Assistant, Intel Ignite
Adi Giambasho Executive Assistant
Intel Ignite
Omri Neuberger, Tech Analyst, Intel Ignite
Omri Neuberger Tech Analyst and Tel-Aviv Deal Flow Manager
Intel Ignite
Portrait of Mariana Yampolski.
Mariana Yampolski Global Staff Assistant
Intel Ignite
Avi Tel-Or, CTO, Intel Ignite TLV
Avi Tel-Or CTO
Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv
Roni Shoham, Business & Operations Manager, Intel Ignite TLV
Roni Shoham Program Manager
Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv
Ofer Lior, Director of Portfolio Development, Intel Ignite TLV
Ofer LiorDirector of Portfolio Development
Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv
Maya Zimerman, Deal Flow and Portfolio Manager, Intel Ignite TLV
Maya Zimerman Deal Flow and Portfolio Manager
Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv
Amit Gorin, TLV Program Operations & Site Management
Amit Gorin Program Operations & Site Management
Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv
Alols Eder, CTO, Intel Ignite Europe
Alois Eder CTO
Intel Ignite Europe
Kate Hach, Program Manager, Intel Ignite Europe
Kate Hach Program Manager
Intel Ignite Europe
Martha Ivanovas, Deal Flow and Portfolio Manager, Intel Ignite Europe
Martha Ivanovas Deal Flow and Portfolio Manager
Intel Ignite Europe
Photograph of Pallanck Kelsie, a person associated with Intel Ignite.
Kelsie Pallanck Program Manager
Intel Ignite US
Reed Frerichs
Reed FrerichsDeal Flow and Portfolio Manager
Intel Ignite US
Sharad Garg CTO
Sharad GargCTO
Intel Ignite US
Kevin Crain Intel Ignite Team Photo
Kevin CrainCTO
Intel Ignite London
Rockman Law
Rockman LawDeal Flow and Portfolio Manager
Intel Ignite London
Senam Payandeh
Senam PayandehProgram Manager
Intel Ignite London

Intel Ignite Around the World

Intel Ignite - Tel-Aviv
Intel Ignite
est. 2019

Located in the center of the business district, our Tel-Aviv office is perfectly situated for teams to take full advantage of the city’s booming tech scene, international business opportunities, and vibrant nightlife.

Intel Ignite - Munich
Intel Ignite
est. 2020

Home to some of Europe’s most innovative companies, Munich is quickly becoming an epicenter of deep tech innovation. Our Altstadt office is in the center of it all, allowing teams to take full advantage of the city’s dynamic startup community.

Intel Ignite - Boston
Intel Ignite
est. 2022

Located in Kendall Square, the booming Boston-Cambridge startup hub, our Boston office is within walking distance of the city’s famous universities and some of the most innovative tech companies in the world.

Intel Ignite - London
Intel Ignite
est. 2023

Our London office is in the heart of King’s Cross. Known as the Knowledge Quarter, this vibrant area is a world-renowned innovation center famed for its dazzling array of tech companies, academic and cultural institutions, and easy access to Cambridge and Oxford.

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