fueling deep tech innovation across the world

Created by founders for founders, Intel Ignite is turning the traditional venture capital model on its head by concentrating power within our own robust network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry insiders.


Our ever-expanding community offers unrivaled opportunities for connection and collaboration.


Dedicated to collective advancement, we actively foster long-term engagement and collaboration.

access to
top-tier investors

As one of the most well-respected startup programs in the world, we offer a preferred path to top investors.


the power of intel tipping the scales

One of the ways we optimize companies for success is by leveraging Intel’s vast resources. From access to global markets and world-class engineering talent to enterprise testing opportunities, we offer what only Intel can provide.

c-suite access

Get unfiltered, top-level access to senior executives and technology leaders across the company.

support resources

Go further, faster with our technology, research and development, and manufacturing resources.

customer introductions

Meet internal and external customers who can provide invaluable feedback and support.

mentorships hands-on and all-in

Mentorship is the all-important linchpin at the heart of the Intel Ignite program. Carefully selected based on their expertise, our mentors dedicate significant time and energy to our program and often develop long-term relationships with the teams they advise.

intel insiders

Dedicated business and technical leaders who provide invaluable expertise and help open doors across the corporate ecosystem.

industry leaders

Seasoned professionals who help founders overcome challenges with their unique perspective and hard-won advice.

serial entrepreneurs

Tech pioneers with first-hand experience and the willingness to share their knowledge and connections with others.

Intel Ignite supports a startup’s business growth by leveraging our experience, industry connections, and passion for technology. As a mentor, it’s a privilege to support such a diverse portfolio.

Ofer Lior · Ignite Mentor

Software Solutions Center
Intel Corporation

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mentor spotlight

Intel Ignite - Adi Shacham-Shavit

Adi Shacham-Shavit

Executive VP Engineering, Clear Blockchain Technologies

“You should always avoid pre-mature optimization, but especially in an early startup. Don’t optimize before you know exactly what you are optimizing for.”
Intel Ignite Mentor Jacques Benkoski

Jacques Benkoski

Partner, U.S. Venture Partners

“It’s on the startup to choose their entry market in a thoughtful way, not just extrapolate from a small dataset of prospects. Pick the customers you want and go get them.”

Intel Ignite Mentor Dr. Michal Vakrat Wolkin

Dr. Michal Vakrat Wolkin

Partner, GFT Ventures

“Intel ignite is the best accelerator for innovative startups that are developing disruptive technologies and looking to change the world.”

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