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About the Intel Ignite Accelerator Program

About Intel Ignite

What is Intel Ignite?

Intel Ignite is a global acceleration program for early-stage deep tech startups. Launched in 2019 by Intel, it fuels a vibrant ecosystem of deep tech innovation by empowering a diverse network of founders, mentors, domain experts, and investors to co-create the future of technology.

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, Intel Ignite brings together cohorts of ten startups to gather in-person and virtually in its Israeli, European, US, and UK offices. For 12 weeks, these teams are immersed in expert-led workshops, hands-on mentoring sessions, and valuable networking events tailored to their needs.

Why did Intel establish Intel Ignite?

Intel has always been a driving force for innovation. But to remain a leader, it must engage with the startups reshaping the technology industry. By forging relationships with the most forward-thinking founders, Intel is putting itself at the center of a vibrant ecosystem that helps the company gain access to top disruptors, generate technology insights, drive cultural change, and nurture internal change agents.

What is the difference between Intel Ignite and Intel Capital?

Intel Ignite works with early-stage deep tech startups, including, but not limited to, those that have the potential to impact Intel’s business, technology, and culture strategies. It does not fund, invest, or take equity in any startup.

Intel Capital is Intel’s global venture capital arm. It makes ROI-driven financial investments in companies shaping the future of cloud, devices, frontier, and silicon.

What are the financial terms?

Intel Ignite takes no equity in the companies it champions and charges no program fees.

What types of startups does Intel Ignite work with?

Intel Ignite is interested in any type of deep tech. This includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

See the full list of companies that have joined Intel Ignite.

What is Intel Ignite’s track record of success?

Intel Ignite’s track record includes multiple notable exits, including Aspecto, a DevOps company acquired by SmartBear; Atmosec, a SaaS automated security firm acquired by Check Point Software Technologies; Hasty, an AI platform for ML engineers acquired by CloudFactory; Revela, an AI and biological model company acquired by Oddity; and Granulate, a workforce performance optimization company acquired by Intel.

Additional success metrics:

About the Program

What can startups expect to get out of the program?

Intel Ignite is dedicated to increasing the intrinsic value of every startup in the program. This effort begins the moment a startup joins the program and continues indefinitely through value creation, fundraising, and networking opportunities.

Opportunities for growth include:

Read more about how Intel Ignite benefits startups.

How does Intel Ignite differ from other accelerator programs?

Intel Ignite is built on a co-founder-as-a-service model. This high-touch approach is unique among accelerator programs, giving founders personalized support to achieve their goals. This process is driven by Intel Ignite’s location-based managing directors, each of whom is a highly experienced serial founder. In addition, startups are carefully matched with seasoned entrepreneurs who provide one-on-one guidance and advice during and after the program.

Dedicated Mentors

Intel Ignite recruits world-class mentors passionate about sharing their knowledge, skills, and connections.

Support Resources

Intel Ignite reduces the complexity of growing a company with access to specialized professional services.

Speed to Market

Intel Ignite helps accelerate research and development times with its roster of international domain experts.

100% Ownership

Intel Ignite takes no equity stake in the companies it champions and charges no program fees.

Intel Advantage

Intel Ignite drives business value by leveraging the full breadth and depth of Intel’s reach, scale, and resources.

Global Network

Intel Ignite generously shares support and resources. Each new cohort exponentially increases its reach and influence.

When is the best time to join?

Intel Ignite focuses on pre-seed, seed, and Series A startups. Ideally, startups have achieved an initial market validation as demonstrated by raising at least $1M in private or public funding. The program is particularly valuable to startups that have, or are close to having, a minimum viable product, are seeking the ideal product-market fit, or are in the process of scaling.

Program Requirements
How much time does the program require?

Founders and their teams are expected to dedicate approximately a day a week to the Intel Ignite program. All program locations operate on a hybrid in-person/virtual model. In-person requirements vary by location.

Intel Ignite Europe: Participants are expected to be onsite for three weeks. One week at the beginning of the program, one in the middle, and the final week of the program.

Intel Ignite Tel Aviv: Participants are expected to be onsite one day a week, typically Sundays.

Intel Ignite London: Participants are expected to be onsite on Wednesdays.

Intel Ignite US: Participants are expected to be onsite for two days at the beginning of the program, two days in the middle, and two days at the end.

Read more about day-to-day life in the Intel Ignite program.

Who are the mentors?

Every startup in the Intel Ignite program is assigned a lead mentor from Intel. Carefully selected based on their expertise, these mentors provide invaluable technical and business guidance and help open doors across the corporate ecosystem. They also facilitate access to their teams creating additional collaboration, advisory, and networking opportunities.

In addition, startups are paired with mentors from outside the Intel ecosystem. Carefully selected based on each startup’s individual needs, these engineers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and academics have deep subject matter expertise and often develop long-term relationships with the teams they advise.

Learn more about Intel Ignite’s mentors.

How are startups matched with mentors?

Founders are carefully matched with mentors based on their technical, business, and fundraising needs. This personalized approach empowers founders to quickly reach product-market fit and scale their business with world-class technical advice and entrepreneurial mentorship from inside and outside Intel.

What support does Intel Ignite offer once the program ends?

Intel Ignite offers lifelong benefits, including business collaboration opportunities, access to its extensive network of pre-vetted business support organizations, and co-marketing, co-selling, and joint venture opportunities.

Founder services include:

Read more about Intel Ignite’s Portfolio Development opportunities.

Application Process

What’s the application process like?

Intel Ignite uses a competitive pitch model to select startups. This method ensures that founding teams can showcase their idea, gain industry exposure, and receive invaluable feedback.

Step 1: Submit Application
The online application link can be found here.

Step 2: First Calls
100 startups are invited to participate in an initial 30-minute screening call with a member of the Intel Ignite team.

Step 3: Deep Dive
50 startups are chosen to take part in a 50-minute call with the Intel Ignite team and, if necessary, participate in technical due diligence.

Step 4: Selection Day
15-20 startups are invited to pitch at Selection Day, where 10 are selected to join the program.

Read more about Intel Ignite’s Selection Day.

How are applications evaluated?

An impartial committee of Intel mentors, Intel executives, venture capitalists, industry experts, and Intel Ignite alums evaluates applications based on a rigorous set of assessment criteria.

Assessment Criteria
When is the application deadline?

Application deadlines can be found here.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the application process?

Please fill out the online contact form.

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