Meet the Startups Selected for Intel Ignite’s Spring 2024 US Cohort

Batch #4 US

BOSTON, April 2, 2024 – Intel® Ignite, Intel’s global startup accelerator program for early-stage deep tech startups, is launching its fourth cohort in the United States on April 3rd.

The US program is based in Boston, with startups from across the country. This cohort features startups based in San Francisco, Austin, New York, Boston and Lafayette, Indiana. From an applicant pool that included 226 companies, 10 startups were selected for the 12-week program.

The companies have an average of $8.4M in funding. While the startups are diversified across different industry verticals, this batch has a strong focus in AI, computational biology, human machine interface and biomechanical AI.  

The startups in the fourth US cohort are:

  • BitHuman (San Francisco) – Building and defining human-like generative AI agents.
  • BoolSi (Boston) – AI for hardware design that compiles any code into chips.
  • BosonQ Psi (New York) – An advanced simulation platform to accelerate the toughest computational problems using quantum algorithms for mobility and manufacturing sectors.
  • Farsight AI (New York) – AI agents that automate and augment complex processes across financial services and insurance.
  • Insamo (San Francisco) – AI/ML to design cyclic peptides for currently undruggable targets.
  • Phantom Neuro (Austin) – Pioneering the future of human capability by enabling lifelike control of robotic systems for individuals with limb difference.
  • Prediction Guard (Lafayette, Indiana) – Allows for seamless integration of private, controlled, and compliant Large Language Model (LLM) functionality, enabling the prevention of hallucinations, allowing for governance to be instituted, and ensuring compliance.
  • Reality Defender (New York) – Detects AI-generated deepfakes for enterprises and governments across audio, video, images, and text used for fraud and disinformation.
  • RevivBio (Boston) – Ultrahigh throughput experimentation and Deep Generative Models to accelerate the design of proteins for diverse applications including our beachhead market which is the type of PFAS that is relevant to the semiconductor industry.
  • Tausight (Boston) – Provides AI-powered security for electronic protection health information (ePHI).

“As we kick off this fourth cohort of the Intel Ignite US program, we have selected a group of ten startups that not only address the technology like AI that has captured the moment and the imagination of the tech world and beyond but also startups that are leveraging this tech to try to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges,” said Mark Castleman, Managing Director, Intel Ignite US. “Our companies are building and integrating next-gen compute in advanced AI models, robotics and utilizing AI across healthcare and the life sciences – whether that be human/computer interface systems for people with limb difference, drug discovery to tackle disease or technologies and systems to protect electronic health information.”

Intel Ignite has a proven track record of helping deep tech startups achieve significant strategic impact and get to product market fit more quickly. In fact, since the program launched in 2019, collectively, the companies have secured over $2 billion in funding. Intel Ignite’s portfolio median for 2023 exceeded the Dealroom median by 8x for seed rounds and reached more than double the Dealroom median for Series A rounds. 

“I’m excited to kick off this year’s spring cohorts with a new group of groundbreaking startups in our US program,” expressed Tzahi (Zack) Weisfeld, VP & GM at Intel Ignite. “Given the current tough funding climate, it’s a privilege to be igniting the next wave of deep tech startups. These companies are set to join a distinguished portfolio that has collectively raised over 2.5 billion USD and includes some remarkable acquisitions exceeding 1.5 billion USD.”

About Intel Ignite 

Launched in 2019, the Intel® Ignite program supports founders whose goal is to change the world for the better using disruptive technology. The 12-week program focuses on all aspects critical to the success of early-stage startups. Global business and technology leaders individually mentor the startups to further accelerate their growth and enable them to successfully realize their breakthrough ideas. The Intel Ignite accelerator program for startups has seen 176 companies participate to date globally, in its programs in Europe, Israel, UK and the US. For information, visit

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