Intel® Ignite Announces the 10 Startups Selected for the Seventh Cohort of the Program in Tel-Aviv

batch #7 Tel-Aviv

Intel Ignite, Intel’s startup growth acceleration program, announced the 10 startups selected for its seventh Tel-Aviv cohort.

Of over 200 applicants in Israel, 10 were selected and will participate in Intel Ignite’s seventh cohort. Each startup works with leading mentors and industry experts and receives a tailor-made program to meet its specific business needs. The program covers a wide range of fields, including founders’ dynamics, go-to-market strategy, marketing and sales, product development and management, recruitment, and more.

The selected startups come from various tech industries, including Cyber Security, Blockchain, Digital Health, AI, Hardware, and web 3.0. The startups selected for the current cohort raised an average of $5M.

The 10 startups are:

  1. dragonfly– A key-value in-memory datastore. Used as a modern replacement to Redis and Memcached, Dragonfly easily scales to power any real-time application.
  2. briya– An end-to-end decentralized healthcare data retrieval and harmonization platform that provides real-time access to high-quality FHIR standardized data in a fast, secure, and compliant manner taken from any number of sources, no matter their type.
  3. Scala Bio– Scala Biodesign is building computational protein design platforms to transform the development processes in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, food, and climate technologies.
  4. IOriver– An innovative platform that makes the internet more reliable, faster and secure for content providers.
  5. codium– Codium enables developers to move fast with confidence by providing them with a new code integrity tool rooted in the trends of shift-left and Generative-AI. The product is in its closed-alpha phase. codium is in Stealth mode.
  6. LayerX user-first browser security platform turns any browser into the most protected & manageable workspace by providing real-time monitoring and governance over users’ activities on the web, protecting the enterprise’s applications, data, and devices from web-borne risks. All while maintaining top user experience.
  7. Control MonkeyA Multi-Cloud SaaS platform that helps to discover, manage, and automate your Cloud environments with Infrastructure as Code. Enabling Agility without compromising Control
  8. Sensorz Enables organizations to efficiently operate their wireless networks with higher performance and security, providing them with an AI-based data-as-a-service wireless network management platform
  9. Utila- provides a secured infrastructure for organizations holding digital assets. Utila is in Stealth mode.
  10. ai A platform that dramatically boosts the velocity and quality of deep learning development, in any domain, by accelerating the model training process and making it much more efficient.

Alon Leibovich, Managing Director of Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv, said: “During a global crisis like the one we are currently experiencing in the Hi-Tech industry, which is largely characterized by financial and marketing concerns and challenges for both small and large companies, early-stage companies have an even greater need for guidance, support, and assistance in their milestones. All these and more can be found in the Intel Ignite program. Since the opening of the program about three years ago, the startups that participated in it have reached many achievements raised more than $1.3 billion and accelerated their integration into the market; some of these achievements have been made possible thanks to the involvement and guidance of Intel Ignite and its mentors. In the current cohort, 10 groundbreaking companies from a variety of categories will also participate, and I am excited to start working with each of them”.

About Intel Ignite:
Intel Ignite is a 12-week global program for which 10 startups are selected per cohort in each geographic region where the program operates (Israel, Europe and the United States). The startups receive a comprehensive package of services from Intel as well as from leading industry experts. In addition, startups gain access to technology and business leaders in the global ecosystem, as well as a preferred path to the best investors, new markets, and new clients, and the knowledge and resources that Intel Ignite offers as one of the most challenging and competitive startup programs in the world. 58 startups in Israel and 30 startups in Europe have graduated from Intel Ignite’s startup growth program. For more information, visit the website:

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