Intel® Ignite Selects Startups for Spring ’23 Cohorts


Intel® Ignite Announces Startups Selected for Spring ‘23 Cohorts in US, Europe, and Israel

Intel Ignite, Intel Corporation’s early-stage accelerator program for deep tech startups, recently selected 30 disruptive startups to join its spring ‘23 cohorts in the US, Europe, and Israel. Launched in 2019, Intel Ignite leverages Intel’s vast resources to help early-stage deep tech companies achieve product-market fit, optimize their valuation, and drive lasting strategic impact. Since the program began, participating companies have achieved significant results with more than $1.5 billion in funding. Over 800 startups applied to join the spring ’23 cohorts and more than 300 judges, including Intel insiders and experts from the global startup ecosystem, participated in the evaluation process. Those that were chosen demonstrated innovative ideas and well-defined goals as well as a willingness to learn.

We’re excited to welcome the spring ’23 cohorts to our program. Despite the current economic headwinds, these startups have already garnered an average of $7.1 million in funding each, demonstrating that promising deep tech startups are still getting the funding they need to reach the next level.

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Spanning a range of diverse technologies, including AI/ML, cybersecurity, hardware, and Web 3.0., the new cohorts have already begun the 12-week acceleration program. During this time, the startups will work closely with leading mentors and industry experts to meet their specific business needs, including founders’ dynamics, go-to-market strategy, marketing and sales, product development and management, and recruitment.

Members of the Spring ’23 Cohorts by Program Location

Intel Ignite Europe Cohort #5
Akhetonics: Creating the first all-optical, general-purpose CPU/GPU for ultra-low power high performance computing.

Deep Render: The world’s first AI-only video & image compression codec, enabling up to 5x reduction of data volume while preserving the video quality for human perception (reference: HEVC/H.265).

Decentralized Web Services (DWS): a cloud provider that makes it easy for businesses to build and host secure applications affordably in the decentralized cloud.

Enlightra: Chipscale multicolor laser engine for optical communications enabling 100x faster data rates and up to 10x more energy efficient optical systems.

InCirT: Breakthrough Digital-Analog-Converter and Analog-Digital-Converter technology enabling the next generation of wireless communication (e.g. mmWave5G or 6G).

Qbeast: Enabling fast, open and cost-efficient data lakes for BI and ML applications through smarter data organization powered by the most advanced open-source data lake format.

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech: The Quantum ASIC (QASIC) provider creating application-specific chips to provide quantum benefits now.

Roseman Labs: Data-collaboration platform enabling companies to use each other’s data without the need to expose the underlying source data by computing on decentralized, encrypted data.

TurinTech: A pioneering generative AI platform that optimises code and machine learning models, boosting speed and reducing hardware resource requirements.

United Manufacturing Hub  (UMH): Open-source SaaS platform that manages and automates factories and components in enterprise-grade industrial IT/OT environments via infrastructure-as-a-code.

Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv Cohort #8
Akooda: Cross-organizational operational insights tool that’s connected to ERP, CI/CD, social channels, and more to derive insights for customer success, R&D, product, etc.

Hossted: Hossted is an enterprise IT platform that deploys, manages, and supports open-source applications within organizations.

InsidePacket: Highly integrated, cost-efficient networking stack (L2-L7) that runs on Carrier-grade COTS HW and provides a disruptive enterprise network as a service solution.

OX Security: The first end-to-end software supply chain security solution, transforming fragmented workflows and noise from tool overload into continuous software supply chain security.

Pelanor: Next-gen cloud cost management platform, providing automatic and accurate cost allocation across diverse SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS platforms. Pelanor detects cost incidents in real time, reveals contextualized insights, and enables data-driven strategic decision-making. Pelanor is in Stealth mode.

Phononics: Developing the use of synthetic diamonds in chip packaging for improved heat dissipation.

PVML: Privacy-preserving data access – transforming queries and ML training processes using proprietary Differential Privacy algorithms.

Speedb: Drop-in and outperforming replacement for RocksDB, the embedded data engine commonly used by Google, Facebook, and others.

Tweed: Fully embedded, compliant, and secure Web3 wallet & payment infrastructure for Web2 companies.

VOCAI: VOCAI technology provides battery safety and performance enhancement on a chip.

Intel Ignite US Cohort #2
AI Proteins: Focuses on the design and engineering of synthetic mini protein therapeutics.

Antaris: Software platform for space that dramatically simplify the design, simulation, and operation of satellites to ensure mission success.

Axoft: Synthesizes novel materials for brain implants from raw materials for nanofabrication, ASIC chip design, electrophysiological recordings, and neural data analysis.

BreachQuest: Building a platform that reduces data breach costs and minimizes recovery time. Protects clients by preparing for, defending against, and responding to severe cybersecurity threats.

Sentenai: Delivers autonomous data engineering solutions that enable organizations to make decisions at the speed of data.

Subsalt: Analytical data store that make private data available to internal teams, partners, and machine learning vendors to ensure compliance without cumbersome legal processes or destructive data masking techniques.

TenSixty Biosciences: Identifying novel disease targets by studying rare cell types with advanced disease models and technology.

Themis AI: Enabling trustworthy AI in high-risk scenarios, rare events, and anywhere imbalances and biases can be found within training data.

TrustCheck: Builds security tools for Web 3.0 platforms. TrustCheck is a product developed by the platform that is a free scam-prevention tool for those transacting with cryptocurrencies, contracts, and non-fungible tokens.

Ubicept: Revolutionizing how machines perceive the world by combining next-generation image sensors with advanced computer vision algorithms.

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