Intel Ignite Selects 10 Startups for Fall 2023 European Cohort

Batch #6 Europe

MUNICH, Nov. 6, 2023 – Intel® Ignite, Intel Corporation’s global startup accelerator program for early-stage deep tech startups, has now launched its sixth cohort in Europe

The program is based in Munich, Germany, and covers startups from across Europe. From an applicant pool that included nearly 300 companies, 10 startups were selected for the 12-week program that begins on November 6th. The companies have an average of €3.9M in funding and hail from seven countries – Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and France.

The startups in this batch have a strong focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), but also span technologies as diverse as fusion power, multi-spectral X-ray cameras, and chip-scale photonics.

The startups in the sixth European cohort are:

  • Deep Detection (Spain) – Next-generation multispectral X-ray cameras for industrial inspection and material recognition of contaminants and composition through deep learning.
  • Dotphoton (Switzerland) – Lossless raw data image compression for scalable and reliable AI in critical applications.
  • Electric SQL (Croatia) – Local-first software platform for building modern apps that feel instant to use, support multi-user collaboration and work offline. 
  • FononTech (Netherlands) – Impulse Printing of complex 3D interconnects for next generation microelectronics.
  • Giskard (France) – Testing interface for AI and ML models that detects vulnerabilities and allows for automation of QA testing.
  • Proxima Fusion (Germany) – First generation of fusion power plants using QI stellarators.
  • Quantum Diamonds (Germany) – Quantum sensor-based technology for semiconductor failure analysis and quality control.
  • Semron (Germany) – High-density AI inference chip for edge AI applications that reduces energy consumption, without compromising compute power.
  • SuperDuperDB (Germany) – End-to-end framework to build and deploy AI applications on top of the data layer.
  • Zerve (Ireland) – Coding environment platform for data science, AI development and visual data exploration with production-ready output.

“We believe the startups and founders in this new cohort have the opportunity and the potential to change the world,” said Markus Bohl, managing director, Intel Ignite Europe. “These entrepreneurs could shape the next innovations in AI, the way the devices we use every day operate, and the future of energy. As part of Intel Ignite, our role is to help them to scale those world-changing technologies faster, build better teams to build better companies faster. This includes supporting them to hone and relay their unique narrative more effectively, find product-market fit faster, and raise more funding at higher valuations, faster.”

Intel Ignite has a proven track record of helping deep tech startups achieve significant strategic impact and get to product market fit more quickly. In fact, since the program launched in 2019, collectively, the companies have secured over $1.7 billion in funding.

“Because it includes startups from several different countries, our European program is a microcosm of the global startup ecosystem and a prime example of how we put our goals into action to help mold healthy founders, successful companies and create a community in each of our cohort locations,” said Tzahi (Zack) Weisfeld, Intel vice president and general manager of Intel Ignite.

About Intel Ignite 

Launched in 2019, the Intel® Ignite program supports founders whose goal is to change the world for the better using disruptive technology. The 12-week program focuses on all aspects critical to the success of early-stage startups. Global business and technology leaders individually mentor the startups to further accelerate their growth and enable them to successfully realize their breakthrough ideas. The Intel Ignite accelerator program for startups has seen 148 companies participate to date globally, in its programs in Europe, Israel, UK and the US. For information, visit 

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