Cryotechnology Solutions in the Cloud: Xyte and kiutra Team Up Through Intel® Ignite


At Intel® Ignite, we love to see our portfolio startups collaborating and enhancing innovation.

One great example of this is the partnership between Intel Ignite alumni Xyte and kiutra. Their ground-breaking joint venture is simplifying customer access and enhancing workflow efficiency within the specialized cryotechnology industry.

kiutra: Cooling the Second Quantum Revolution

L-Type Rapid cryostat as used at kiutra for service measurements
L-Type Rapid cryostat as used at kiutra for service measurements

Founded by physicists from the Technical University of Munich, kiutra is a leader in the production of easy-to-use, sustainable cryogenics solutions.

Co-founder Alexander Regnat describes kiutra’s core work as “building devices that provide ultra-low temperatures that are needed for scientific investigation, research, and commercial exploitation of quantum technologies.” kiutra’s solution supplies the critical ultra-low temperatures required for quantum computing.

What sets kiutra apart is its use of solid-state cooling technology that is both more scalable and more sustainable than classical gas-based cooling approaches. This technological leap paves the way for wider quantum technology adoption.

Xyte: Hardware-as-a-Service

Xyte is a Servitization Platform for hardware manufacturers that unifies the management, servicing and commercialization of their connected devices.

In founder Omer Brookstein’s words: “Device manufacturers must transform their business from the conservative one-time product sales into a more cloud and services-centric business model. This shift will not only enhance the customer experience but also open doors for recurring revenue streams.”

This realization led to the birth of Xyte Device Cloud, bridging the gap between hardware and services.

A Fusion of Expertise: Why kiutra and Xyte Made a Natural Match

kiutra brings real services, measurement services, and data services to the cryotechnology industry. Striving for standardization and ease of access, they envisioned an online interface that would simplify interactions and create a seamless workflow.

But as a young company constrained by limited resources, they couldn’t develop a platform like that themselves. This is where Xyte’s solution came into play. The openness of Xyte’s platform presented an opportunity for kiutra to adapt and integrate their unique needs. Through the collaboration, kiutra piloted this innovation, transforming Xyte’s versatile platform into a tailored solution for their complex industry.

The platform’s adaptability meant that it could accommodate diverse applications including remote monitoring and servicing. Xyte’s infrastructure layer further empowers kiutra, enabling them to focus on their expertise while leveraging the platform’s capabilities to manage devices, provide remote support, and fuel their business growth.

Igniting Collaboration: kiutra and Xyte Meet at Intel® Innovation

Alexander Regnat recounts the first encounter between these two startups with enthusiasm: “We happened to meet these guys [Xyte] at Intel Innovation, and we said we should get in touch.” This encounter acted as a catalyst, sparking discussions that eventually evolved into the CryoCloud® project.

Piloting Success: kiutra and Xyte’s First Collaborative Project

The birth of the CryoCloud® stands as a milestone in their journey together. The partnership harnessed Xyte’s adaptable platform and kiutra’s specialized cryotechnology expertise, resulting in a standardized, streamlined solution for clients.

CryoCloud organizational overview
CryoCloud organizational overview
CryoCloud device view
CryoCloud device view
Thin-film app sample
Thin-film app sample

Reflecting on the Intel Ignite Program: a Catalyst for Mutual Success

Both Omer and Alexander highly recommend the Intel Ignite program for the in-depth mentoring, coaching and resources they received. They also agreed that Intel® Ignite stands apart from any accelerator programs they’ve seen elsewhere. As Alexander put it: “It has been super helpful for us, obviously, connecting with Xyte and some other portfolio companies.” The program acts as the linchpin, fostering an environment where pioneering startups connect, learn, and build transformative partnerships.

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